New Year new venture 

So I've been gone a while, bit believe me when I say it was needed.. I found and improved the direction I wanted my art to go and have made the first steps in this new venture.  My new redbubble account is live and my new lovelies have started to make their debut.  Mini Human number 1 … Continue reading New Year new venture 


Animal portraits…Done!!

Hey.. so I totally forgot to post last week, I'm not sure what happened but i did manage to get something finished yay.. the Mini Humans bedroom was finally finished!! If you remember a couple of weeks ago I started some animal portraits, here's how they turned out.The Mini Humans decided they wanted the pictures … Continue reading Animal portraits…Done!!

Miss Mouse

Sorry I'm a day late guys, this Halloween drawing challenge on Instagram has taken over my life a small bit and if I'm really honest I totally overdid it and finished re-watcing Gilmore Girls in one massive blurry eyed marathon ( I should have paced myself now I have over a month to wait for … Continue reading Miss Mouse

Wedding demo tutorials.. Day 3

Last but not least we have the Winter theme in our tutorial roundup, two beautiful crochet patterns and some up close and personal shots of invites and centerpieces. bring on the sparkle. Crochet Snowflakes The pattern that I followed for my snowflakes is from Miki's Crafty Corner. The result is beautiful but I wouldn't really … Continue reading Wedding demo tutorials.. Day 3

Wedding demo tutorials… Day 2

I'm back! and this time we'll be going over some crochet patterns and a gorgeous wand for your mini humans (or just the big kids out there) let's go. Crochet Hearts (3D) You'll need some things to get started. Embroidery thread in your chosen colour 3.5mm Crochet Hook Craft stuffing Needle and thread for finishing. … Continue reading Wedding demo tutorials… Day 2