Wedding demo tutorials… day 1

As a follow-up to my wedding demo post last week I’m going to go over a few of the pieces in a bit more depth. Keep reading for step by step tutorials for the Name cards, Favour boxes and also the crochet pattern for the mini flowers.

Name Cards

You’ll need a few things to get started.

  • Thick(ish)card.
  • Craft Organza Sheets.
  • Twine or Ribbon.
  • Craft Paper Rose pegs.
  • Paper Roses.
  • Scissors.
  • Craft glue.
  • Fancy pen for writing.

Photo 05-09-2016, 15 49 57 (1)   Photo 05-09-2016, 15 49 18 (1)   Photo 05-09-2016, 15 49 42 (1) (1)

All of the above can be found at Home Focus at Hickeys.


Photo 05-09-2016, 20 18 16 (1)

  • First off cut a tiny slit in the middle of the folded edge of  your name card (this is for the back of the peg to sit into).




Photo 05-09-2016, 20 23 29 (1)

  • Next, fold a piece of card in half and cut out a kind of wavy, pointy rectangle shape. Use as a template for your piece of coloured organza making sure to leave a little tab on top for the peg to hold onto (double-check this fits on your name card). Using the same template as before cut the same shape from coloured card but this time cut it a little bit smaller so you can see the organza behind it.


Photo 18-08-2016, 20 26 37 (1)

  • Write you guests name or nickname on the card (always check spelling!!) and put it all  together. Really easy to do but packs a punch look wise, change the organza colour to match your own or add two different colourseven.




Photo 05-09-2016, 20 15 59 (1)

  • For the second name card cut a strip of organza and gently fray both edges.
  • Wrap around your place card and attach along the inside edges.
  • Add a piece of ribbon or twine over the organza and tie in a bow ( I used twine from a craft kit I got last year as a gift but you can find it in any hobby/ craft shop).



Photo 05-09-2016, 20 16 32 (1)

  • For a finishing touch take one of the Craft Paper Roses and poke a tiny hole in the top corner of the card, take the wire at the back of the rose and thread through the hole, secure.





Favour Boxes

You will need:

  • Coloured Card
  • Craft Matchboxes
  •  Paper Roses
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Craft Organza Sheets
  • Crafting Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Same fancy pen as before

Photo 05-09-2016, 15 49 42 (1) (1)     Photo 05-09-2016, 15 49 07 (1)  Photo 05-09-2016, 15 49 30 (1)

Photo 05-09-2016, 20 07 29 (1)

  • Cover box with card of you choice. You can just cover the top or the whole thing, you can also add a scalloped edge to jazz it up a bit.

Photo 05-09-2016, 20 10 21 (1)

  • Crafting ribbon makes a stripe either side of the Paper Rose. Remove wires and attach bottom petals onto the card. Instead of the Paper Rose, why not add one of the crochet flowers from the pattern below…

Photo 05-09-2016, 20 11 16 (1)


  • With your pen you can add your event date, name of guest or a quote. Just check the spelling and make it look somewhat fancy!





Photo 05-09-2016, 20 03 19 (1)

  • Start of the same by covering your boxes. Use the organza again and fray edges same as before.





Photo 05-09-2016, 20 00 06 (1)

  • Add some twine and tie into a bow. Super simple but very effective. These would suit a rustic theme perfectly and you can fill them with anything, seeds, mints or sweets. Even a favorite song lyric or poem rolled up inside, the more personal to you the better.




Photo 18-08-2016, 20 29 13 (1)

Crochet Flower Pattern

  • The pattern I used was from Kntart blogspot, super easy to do and hundreds of options when it comes to size and colours. You could even try stacking them up to make a fuller flower. I used a pearl headed pin to attach them straight to the Craft Ring, but you could easily add them to a candle the same way.



How would you customise these crafts to fit your event? Take a picture of your finished crafts and post them on my Facebook page I would love to see them.



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