Wedding demo tutorials… Day 2

I’m back! and this time we’ll be going over some crochet patterns and a gorgeous wand for your mini humans (or just the big kids out there) let’s go.

Crochet Hearts (3D)


With Love

You’ll need some things to get started.

  • Embroidery thread in your chosen colour
  • 3.5mm Crochet Hook
  • Craft stuffing
  • Needle and thread for finishing.

Terms Used:

Magic Ring– If you haven’t tried a Magic Ring use this tutorial to give you a hand, It will change your crochet life believe me.
Sc – single crochet
Inc – Increase
Invdec – invisible decrease  Here’s another tutorial to help you master this one.

Row 1) 6 sc into a magic ring (6)
Row 2) 6 x Inc (12)
Rows 3-4) sc all around (12)
fasten off and weave in end.

Then do it all over again:

Row 1) 6 sc into magic ring (6)
Row 2) 6 x Inc (12)
Rows 3-4) sc all around (12), don´t fasten off this time cause you have to join them together.

Pull you crochet hook through stitches on both pieces, yarn over and secure with a sc. Now you will have a new beginning to your rows.

Row 1) Make 12 sc on the first half and then 12 sc on the other half of the heart (24)
Row 2) 5 sc, Invdec, 10 sc, Invdec, 5 sc (22)
Row 3) 4 sc, Invdec, 9 sc, Invdec, 5 sc (20)
Row 4) 4 sc, Invdec, 8 sc, Invdec, 4 sc, (18) stuff top of heart firmly,
Row 5) 4 sc, Invdec, 7 sc, Invdec, 3 sc (16)
Row 6) 3 sc, Invdec, 6 sc, Invdec, 3 sc (14)  stuff after every row from now on.
Row 7) 3 sc, Invdec, 5 sc, Invdec, 2 sc (12)
Row 8) 2 sc, Invdec, 4 sc, Invdec, 2 sc (10)
Row 9) 2 sc, Invdec, 3 sc, Invdec, 1 sc (8)
Row 10) 1 sc, Invdec, 1 sc, Invdec, 1 sc (5) Leave a long tail,  using your needle weave in to close.


There you have it, a beautiful crochet heart. I used wooden skewers covered in the same embroidery thread to make little heart lollys for a centerpiece or even a buttonhole for your Groom.

Crochet  Heart (2D)


Chocolate Bride & Groom…Yum

I used this pattern from Everything Etsy for the little hearts I used on Place Cards and the wooden Favour boxes. A lovely little pattern with a million uses, add them to your bouquet, scatter them on your tables or add a ribbon and tie around everyone’s napkins.

Heart  Wand


What you will need..

  • A larger version of the Crochet Heart from the pattern above, I used 3 different colours together to make a thicker yarn and you’ll end up with a bigger heart.
  • 3 Wooden Skewers either glued or taped together.
  • A variety of coloured ribbon
  • Some lovely little jingle bells.

When you make your Heart make sure not to close the end completely so it can sit on top of the base, I put a good amount of craft glue on the skewers before placing the heart on just to keep it secure before the thread is wrapped around it. Press down firmly then using the same embroidery thread as before cover the skewers untill no wood can be seen.


Next take your ribbon and wrap around the base of the heart securing with glue and leaving tails of different lengths, next thread bells onto some ribbon and add to wand. There you have it, give to your Flower girl or have them on your tables for you guest to give you a musical entrance.


Ribbon and Bells, match made in heaven

Table Numbers

Things you’ll need

  • Old picture frame, in any style that will fit your own event.
  • Craft Organza Sheets.
  • Craft Wooden Buttons.
  • Craft glue.
  • Craft wooden Pegs.
  • Card.
  • A fancy pen.

To start, open up your frame and remove the glass and backing. To keep the Organza super bright I added a white card background before adding the Organza, simply cut Organza to fit the frame and set to one side.


With the buttons first decide on the letter, number or shape your going to use, I used a thin marker to map out on the glass where i needed the buttons to go. Glue on your buttons and wait to dry.


Put together your fame and add a small wooden peg to the top corner, I added a small piece of card with ‘Table’ written on it (just in case people are wondering what the number is about!). This was so quick to put together once you have the pieces ready to go, perfect for a craft night in with your wedding party.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these tutorials, and post a picture on my Facebook or Instagram.

See you all tomorrow.


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