Monday Funday

It’s cold and rainy and I LOVE it!!

For those of you who don’t know me.. I’m not built for sun. I am so pale I’m practically see-through, my bare legs actually glow with paleness when I wear a dress!. Have you ever tried to go shopping where you have to change between your prescription sunglasses and normal glasses every 10 minutes? I have two glasses on me at all times. I have to choose between one on my face and one on my head or one on my face and one hanging around my neck (Granny chic) or just decide to be THAT person who walks around indoors wearing sunglasses!! Me and Autumn/Winter are soulmates,  My greatest loves are: Reading when It’s raining outside, Curling up with a blanket and a movie, Fuzzy PJ’s, Wearing ridiculously oversized scarves, Gingerbread, Halloween (my Birthday!!!!), Comfort food, Christmas jumpers, Christmas cookies, anything CHRISTMAS really. So my calendar has been written, Crafts have been picked and I am ready to have a wonderful crafty Autumn/Winter.

Watch this space…… Oh and let me know what you’d like to see.


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