Yay For Hats! Yay for Autumn!

As soon as the weather started to change my wool tub was pulled out and all the gorgeous chunky yarn was collected ready for HATS!!. I love making snuggly things for the colder weather and now the kids have started school I have even more excuses.

The pattern I used was from 1dogwoof I’ve made a few of her projects before and I always find them amazing. This time it was her ribbed hat pattern that caught my eye, I picked this gorgeous Emerald green double knit and got started.


It didn’t really have the same ribbed effect as 1DogWoof! Do you think the wool was too chunky? or when the pattern said back loop do you think she meant the back post loop? I find sometimes different phrases are used with American patterns. Anywho I liked the look of it and it had good stretch so i finished it. Next time I’ll try it the other way and see what happens.


I decided to finish my hat off with a large Pom Pom, in the pattern she uses a gorgeous fake fur one which I’ll be looking out for in my local craft shops.


There you have it, It fits me perfectly and on my mini humans It’s a little slouchy which i think is adorable. I’m already planning some more, a  even chunkier black version with two pom pom ears for Little Miss and I want to try doing it with the back post loops to see if i get some better ribs. I’ll catch you up on my Facebook and Instagram during the week.


Anyone who can shed some light on the rib issue please drop me a message, I’d love to learn some new techniques.



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