Animal Portraits…. 4 Years Late!!

We’ve been in our new house just over 5 years now, so obviously I’m bored with everything!. Time for a freshen up, I have ideas for the whole house but project number one is the kids room.

My little Humans share a room, the same one they have since coming home from the hospital. We picked out what we wanted in the room made the drive to Ikea ( bit of advice, don’t drive 3 hours to Ikea while heavily pregnant with Twins… not fun!!)  I did my best to come up with a sweet but cool space for them, the plan was a cute woodland gender neutral room. What’s your mini humans room like? All the furniture was made, curtains hung and the walls painted a lovely Sea- foam green.. so  so sweet

I thought I had loads of time to put all the finishing touches in place, the reading corner with bean bags and snuggly blankets, the picture frames on shelves with toys and moneyboxes and the beautiful lanterns hanging from the ceiling giving off a soft warm glow…. I wanted it to look like it came out of a magazine. My mini humans had a different idea! Little Miss decided she had enough and her waters broke nearly 10 weeks early, I wasn’t in labour but had to spend the rest of my pregnancy in hospital on bedrest   (2 months without internet was gonna be great… NOT!) long story short Little Miss simply wanted out and 8 weeks 4 days early my mini humans made an appearance. I never did get to finish their room…look at those faces TOTALLY WORTH IT.

2013-02-04-20-44-56        2013-02-02-15-04-23

Leaving the hospital before your babies can be heartbreaking, thankfully my two were healthy enough they didn’t need a huge amount of help medically when born but they were tiny… teeny tiny so they needed to spend some time in neo-natal getting nice and chubby. Every night I was at home without them and that was hard but I needed to get their room ready and I found spending that time making up their cots and washing and folding all the miniscule clothes helped with the waiting. I managed to  draw trees on the walls (with a sharpie) to match  the curtains I got before they got home but the rest of my list got lost in a whirlwind of night feeds and teething, their first tummy bug and the move to big beds. So nearly 4 years later I think its time to finish that list from day one.


I had planned to frame little sketches of woodland critters and have them as a border around the tops of the walls, I checked out my old sketchbook and found some rough drafts I did back when I was pregnant. I think they are super cute but my mini humans are older now so  I thought I should add some of their favorite animals from all over the world. My little humans have given the green light so I’ve started the MASSIVE task of 50 animal portraits for their room. Here’s the first few, all named by Small Man and Little Miss..


Rocky the Racoon


Lisa the Lamb


Bernie the Badger


Orla the Owl

Help me out with picking 46 more animals, drop me a msg on Facebook or Instagram




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