Sensory bottles..well kind of

I’ve been seeing loads of these sensory bottled on Pinterest and the like, so they were my first thought when Small Man’s pre-school teacher asked for some suggestions to help him calm down a small bit for quiet time in school (he’s just a super active kid and sitting down is only fun if food is involved!). I looked and found what seemed to be an easy enough recipe, we hit the shops for our materials.


  • First it instructs you to mix warm water with the food colouring of your choice and add some sparkles and things…this was done with the help of mini human number 1. She chose a purple colour and Small Man chose Thomas..of course!


  • Next, mix some more sparkles and things of interest into the baby oil. I wanted to colour this too to create that kind of lava lamp effect, I don’t know if liquid food colouring would have made a difference but the gel one I had DID NOT WORK, so we ended up with a clear sparkly oil. You add them both to the bottle, 1/3 baby oil and 2/3 water.

photo-22-09-2016-15-15-16      photo-22-09-2016-15-15-56

  • Then you give it a shake and watch the magic happen…… It was a bit of a let down (for me anyways, the kids LOVED them and are still playing with them a week later) it kind of swirls around and makes some wave-like things and that’s about it!!! not what I was expecting. On further inspection of other tutorials, if I had used clear craft glue instead of the oil, the glitter would take longer to settle at the bottom and I would be able to use it as more of a calming tool for Small Man.

photo-22-09-2016-15-15-32      photo-22-09-2016-15-16-08

  • So there you have it, Sensory bottles… kind of? If you have any successful bottles I would love love love to see them and maybe take another shot at this. Post some pics on my Facebook and share your wisdom.



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