Miss Mouse

Sorry I’m a day late guys, this Halloween drawing challenge on Instagram has taken over my life a small bit and if I’m really honest I totally overdid it and finished re-watcing Gilmore Girls in one massive blurry eyed marathon ( I should have paced myself now I have over a month to wait for the reboot!!!!)  Anywho last week I work on the sweetest cutest gift for a Baby shower thats coming up…Meet Miss Mouse.

So If you’ve been on here before you might have seen that during the summer I made Mini Human a beautiful ballerina mouse, the pattern I used was from Heart &Sew and it was amazing I loved it!!Photo 02-09-2016, 12 20 51 (1)

I always had plans to do it again and this was the perfect opportunity. I changed the colour palette to grey, pink and black (to match a blanket I’m also working on for the same shower) and I also changed the sizing so it came out a bit smaller, perfect for a new buba.


You’ll notice that I re-worked the top of the dress to try and give it more of a ballerina shape.  It was really easy to add onto the upper body if you follow the same method as attaching the skirt.

  • After you have stuffed the body and attached the arms, pick where you want your top to start.
  • Crochet in the front loops only of that existing row around the whole body. (when you get to the arms make a simple chain stitch untill you get the other side and can crochet back into the existing row).
  • After crocheting three rows of half double stitch, make two little scallops on the front of the dress to give a sweetheart neckline… so fricken cute.


Next came the legs, I changed the pattern again (I can’t help myself!!!) this time I didn’t want the round foot shape, instead I used the same method as the arms so it would look like she was up on her toes. I finished the tops of the legs off in pink to match under the skirt ( I had already made the bottom part of the body pink). In the original you change back to mouse colour under the skirt, which is perfectly fine… my Mini human just kept on asking where the hermouse knickers were ( we had just done potty training)  so now miss mouse now has some lovely bloomers just in case. To finish I added a black sparkly bow and some black trim to her skirt. I really do love this pattern, it works up really quickly and is the most adorable little thing when finished.



Little miss has already requested another one so thinking cap back on for any other changes I can make. If anyone is interested I can write my alterations and post them on here along side the original pattern from Heart & Sew


I will post pics of the blanket as I’m working it on my Instagram and Facebook pages, See you next week..


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