Animal portraits…Done!!

Hey.. so I totally forgot to post last week, I’m not sure what happened but i did manage to get something finished yay.. the Mini Humans bedroom was finally finished!! If you remember a couple of weeks ago I started some animal portraits, here’s how they turned out.The Mini Humans decided they wanted the pictures to hang from the tree’s in their bedroom instead of around the top of the room, this meant that I didn’t need the 50 portraits (thank goodness) it also meant that little Miss and small Man got to choose their favorite. Here’s a few of ones they picked.

photo-22-09-2016-16-19-45   photo-22-09-2016-16-20-15-1

Next I took a trip to the good old Pound shop to get some cheap and cheerful frames, I really liked the ornate patterns on these (and the price) I also thought the bronze colour would look great against the sea-foam green of their bedroom.

photo-22-09-2016-16-56-55-1 photo-22-09-2016-17-00-38-1photo-22-09-2016-17-02-22-1

unfortunately my Mini Humans had different ideas and hated the colour! I found some kids poster paints in the cupboard and mixed them with normal craft glue (half and half) to help stick to the frame, they picked out three different greens ( with the help of mama!)


After framing the pictures again I decided to add family pictures in the four bronze frames I had left, They werent impressed but I think they turned out super cute. Now the two trees in their bedroom have some beautiful Portraits and family pictures, not quite how i wanted it to look but I’m still really pleased with the


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