New Year new venture 

So I’ve been gone a while, bit believe me when I say it was needed.. I found and improved the direction I wanted my art to go and have made the first steps in this new venture. 

My new redbubble account is live and my new lovelies have started to make their debut.  Mini Human number 1 decided on princess’s to start my off so that’s what you have for now, but I’m hoping to cover all my loves from film and books and life I general at time goes on. When I’ve decided on a new printer I’m looking to open an Etsy shop (major research has yet to be done..its all a bit daunting) and plans have been made for enamel pins and polymer charms in the somewhat distant future!

I’m totally new to this and have learnt a huge amount already but I’ve decided I need go all in this year,  work harder than I have been doing and really give this a shot. February 1st 2017 to February 1st 2018 that’s what I’m giving this, full pelt for a year.. If I can make something of it great, if not, it’s still a massive passion of mine and won’t disappear into the night… But if there is a tiny chance I can do what I love and help support my family with it, I’m jumping headfirst!!

The posts here won’t be as all over the place as before,  I’ll be writing more about this new venture and sharing glimpses of my home life from time to time(and we all know I can’t stay away from crochet). I’m hoping you’ll tag along for the journey and help me out with feedback and recommendations…. Let’s do this! 


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