So this is it my life in a nutshell…..

My name is Louise, I’m mum to beautiful three year old boy/girl twins. We live next door to my in-laws in a house filled with skull wallpaper and way too many collectible toys. I have a slight… well more than slight obsession with Harry Potter, im currently on my third re-watch of the Gilmore girls and Wednesdays are Bake Off days!!!!!!!!

Photo 17-05-2016, 13 24 07    Photo 06-08-2016, 13 24 20

Me and the twins like to fill our days with crafting and Paw Patrol (their choice,not mine!) . Pre-school is starting and I have two very excited mini humans waiting to leave the nest and start their own adventures. I’m proud and delighted that my two have started the next step in their little lives but im not gonna lie I’m, well….. I’m a bit up in the air with it all.

Now i have time, actually me time! When the kids go to bed my nights are transformed into a flurry of sketch pads, crochet hooks and crafting glue, i cant enough of it (except Wednesdays which are reserved for BAKE OFF) I dabble in crocheting toys for family and friends. I draw tattoos that i wish i had the money to add to my collection but always end up going in a frame of gifted to someone. I craft, with paper or material or anything i can get my hands on. I do all of this at night when the kids are sleeping soundly and my cats are curled on the couch ready to chase the end of my wool half way across the room. All this has now changed.

Photo 08-06-2016, 13 02 04    Photo 17-06-2016, 13 02 07     Photo 23-05-2016, 23 22 05    Photo 24-06-2016, 22 16 48

This blog is me sharing crafting ideas and  tutorials to  anyone whose creative streak is dying to come out and play. I plan on using my new found ‘me time’ to set up a blog that not only gives crafting, diy or kid play ideas but also helps to get to the end product of your own.

I have some ideas of my own I’m currently working on but would to love to hear from you, what would you like to see? Come say hi on twitter, leave a picture of a craft idea on my Facebook or just have a peak of family life on my Instagram.



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